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Cornerstone is AGAPE

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“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in one’s eye.” –  Mark 12:10-11

It’s been months since I joined the Cornerstone Program. I must say that it is an accident how I get myself into this program, because then I don’t like it. Here’s how it happened, one of my member wanted to attend the Cornerstone training at Ateneo, I gave her name but unfortunately the registration had closed. For some reason, there’s a misunderstanding and my name was listed so I decided to attend the said training with other two SFC sisters from our chapter. I came there without knowing what it’s all about. During the training, the program was clearly discussed and I was overwhelmed of its good effect. However, I can say that teaching is not my cup of tea; it’s outside of my comfort zone. Ever since I hate English subject especially as a mode of communication. I never envisioned myself being a teacher, I even remember telling my family before that I can take any course in college except education so I struggled being an accounting student just to evade that.

Days passed by and we spent every Saturdays doing tutorials for Cornerstone program, we handled the bottom 30 students of San Francisco Elementary School. Those 30 students struggled on reading and comprehension, some are even repeaters. Being a tutor, I learned a lot, met new friends and most importantly developed patience to our little brethren. I made a lot of adjustment but it was very fulfilling and we are joyful every time we teach them, knowing that they will somehow learn from us. I am thankful for this opportunity to be of service to all our little brothers and sisters. Time flies, I just realized that the school year just ended but we are fulfilled because our students passed. As tutors we are now looking forward on the coming school year with this chant in mind:

“I am, I am a cornerstone with you, with you I’m not alone. Together we will build this nation. Cornerstone is our foundation.”

Hope to sing it with you guys soon…..

By: JOY MARASIGAN (Cornerstone Volunteer Tutor)


Author: majaneolores

IT Recruiter, God's Princess, Servant, Adventurer

One thought on “Cornerstone is AGAPE

  1. Hi Joy, I am also a cornerstone volunteer from central C. We just started the teaching session last week. Same here, I don’t have the passion in teaching because I’d never liked teaching someone. I guess, we volunteers are called by God to serve and to make kids improving. With our efforts, we can make a difference… For what we have planted to them, someday we will harvest through God’s Grace… more power and hope we can meet soon…

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