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SFC West B1-A Conducted its First Ever Speakership Workshop

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Through the initiative of SFC West B1-A Mission Ministry Core Team, the chapter held its first ever Speakership Workshop last June 11, 2012 in CWL Building of St. Jude Church. As what was sent in the invites through text messages and Facebook posts, “Speakers are made, not born”. We will then learn how.

The workshop started with an opening worship led my Bro. Jherwin with the music ministry of West B1-A. Sis. Rochelle served as the host who introduced the two speakers of the night. The first speaker is Bro. Nino Sison, chapter head of SFC East B5-D. Bro. Nino started with a very lively atmosphere and frequently gave jokes that made the workshop goers laugh all the time. He was able to lift the mood and created an enjoyable ambience in the workshop venue. He first discussed Communication and Public Speaking and the important facts about them. He expound the topic and added that when communicating, we have to “Mean what we say and say what we mean”. We have to speak with conviction and if we have thoughts, we have to express it. Another important thing he discussed is the Stage Fright. He said that this is just natural and we only need to pray, have an aware-accept-act approach and handle specific symptoms that might arise. In the Stage Fright, there comes another inevitable emotion: FEAR. According to him, there are two kinds of fear, the real fear (such as fear of snake, heights, etc.) and the imaginary fear (such as such of rejection, etc.). I have learned that fear is just normal and it is a God given gift. Included in his presentation is the verse from Sirach 1:12, “The beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord”. He also gave useful tips on planning and preparing the talk. One very important advice he mentioned: If in the future, we will be tapped to give a talk, do not doubt, but instead, accept the calling because we will be entrusted with number of souls to be nourished, and that is the number of attendees present. 

The last speaker is the head of the Mission Ministry of our chapter, Sis. Majane Olores. Her discussion focused on practicing the talk and its delivery. She said that nonverbal cues like smile, eye contact, and other gestures are important to give life to the talk and to get the attention of the listeners. She also advised to have a “dress rehearsal” to know if the clothes we are planning to wear are comfortable so that it won’t affect the talk. And on the day of the talk, her advice is for us to stay confident to the Lord, greet the day with so much anticipation and do a deed that is special for us. 

And what a good way to end the workshop and the night is to do a closing worship which was led by Bro. Kimm. It was indeed a fun and information-filled night with our brothers and sisters from  West B1-A.

So… Are we now expecting many speakers from our chapter? Surely… As what Bro. Nino said, and one we will never forget… “Think of the number of souls that will be nourished”.


One thought on “SFC West B1-A Conducted its First Ever Speakership Workshop

  1. Wonderfully written. Thanks Sis. Berna 🙂

    I am now expecting number of speakers from our chapter and maybe look forward to a CLP when all the speakers are from our own chapter. Kudos WestB1A!!

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