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CLP St. Jude Lord’s day celebration —- The end and the beginning

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It was a night of joy, fun and laughter as our chapter, SFC West B1-A celebrated the Lord’s Day for another batch of SFC graduates last June 23, 2012, with the anchor verse, “Proclaim the greatness of God. -Luke 1:46”.

There is really so much to proclaim about God’s greatness for this CLP encountered a lot of challenges along the way and yet, ended victorious for it produced 16 new SFC members. It was an effort of the whole chapter which was led by the CLP Team Heads, Bro. Berl and Sis. Lhen, and Assistant Team Heads Bro. Jay and Sis. Jopine.

Everyone was looking very fresh, young, young-at-heart, and getting even younger, with the theme of the graduation party, “We are all child in God’s eyes”. CLP participants and service team dressed in their best children’s wear. Even the venue was designed that which looked like a true children’s party.

There were presentations from the two groups of CLP participants which showcased their talents in singing, dancing, and acting. It was also a discovery for some of the participant’s hidden talents; and they might want to use it for the service on the different ministry available in our chapter.

Not only the participants enjoyed but also the service team and the SFC members who were present that night. Smiles and laughter surrounded the place and hearts were filled with joy.

It is really an overwhelming experience to be a part of the Christian Life Program. An achievement for the service team because it enabled us to evangelize single men and women, truly life-changing.

The Lord’s day is the end of the Christian Life Program but also signifies the beginning of a new spiritual life and a new relationship with God. This is a journey forever and one that will last until eternity.

To our new brothers and sisters… Welcome to Singles for Christ! 🙂


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