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The Obedience of Matthew

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I desire mercy not sacrifice. I did not come to call the righteous but the sinners. – Matthew 9:13

Today’s gospel highlights the calling of Matthew as one of Jesus’s disciples. Being a tax collector, people hated him and he was labeled sinner. Despite all these, Jesus chose and called him in his ministry. The call is surprising, but equally surprising is the readiness of Matthew to respond to the call. When Jesus called him, he knew that he was forgiven so he accepted it with profound gratefulness by saying YES to him.

“When we are called and chosen, we are consistently forgiven.”

Jesus decision to choose Matthew tells us that the Lord does not focus on our imperfections but on how He can fulfill his mission in us. By allowing ourselves to be used by God through our service, we are consequently opening our lives to be transformed. The decision to follow him signifies our acceptance of his forgiveness, therefore we do not have to focus on our past sins and guilt rather on his love and mercy.

Does your past sins or current struggles hinders you from giving your all to the Lord?

Don’t think one is ever too wicked to be his disciple. As they say, your past does not define your future. Remember how a despised tax collector was transformed by God’s mercy and believe that you are meant for better things. Like Matthew, all you have to do is say YES to his invitation.

While it is true that we must separate ourselves with sins and evil ways, we must not isolate.  Allow your painful past to become wounds that heal. Allow the Lord to bless others through you, the lessons that you learn from the past are meant to be shared so you can help others. To become light to the world, we have to shine in darkness.

Don’t let your imperfections rob the bright future ahead of you.

God is up for something better. Listen to him and obey when He say, “FOLLOW ME!”


Author: majaneolores

IT Recruiter, God's Princess, Servant, Adventurer

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