Here is a story of a family having a conversation about sin. The son was about to attend a retreat the next day so he decided to confess his sins to his parents first. That evening, they sat down in the living room and the boy told his parents about all his wrongdoings in the past. As he finished, he was crying and he asked, “Can you still love me?” His father laughed and said, “Of course we still love you”. At the back of his mind he is laughing hard because he finds it so funny that his son is crying thinking that his sins are too unforgiveable.

If this boy’s father is that willing to forgive his son from all his past sins, how much more is our Father in heaven? Sometimes we think that our sins are too unforgiveable that we find it hard to kneel down in prayer while God is just waiting for us with arms wide open.

“Go and sin no more” – John 8:11


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