SFC Loreto supports ‘One Praise’


Worship has become an integral part of the service in SFC Loreto. Most of the activities start and end with a worship which are mostly taken from Glory and Liveloud. Now, looks like the community will no longer be limited to these Christian songs as One Praise just announced that songs from other Catholic-based communities will also be made available for SFCs and other ministries of Couples for Christ, and the rest of the Catholics.

Held at the Bellarmine Field, Ateneo De Manila University last April 16, Saturday, One Praise gathered five Catholic music ministries to share their songs in one praise and worship concert night for free. Present on that night were Elim Music Ministry, Where’s The Sheep?, Liveloud (of Couples for Christ), Light of Jesus Family Worship Music Ministry and Living Hope Catholic Charismatic Community.



SFC Loreto enjoyed worshiping and at the same time learning new songs from other communities. One Praise is the first worship concert that put together different music ministries from other Catholic communities. An album of the same title is now out in the market for public consumption.

One Praise is organized by Jesuit Music Ministry of Jesuit Communications. A yearly One Praise worship concert is seen to be rolled out as well.


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