CLP Talk 1: God’s Love

The Christian Life Program of CFC Singles For Christ Loreto has officially begun this May 16, 2016. With 38 participants consisting of 21 brothers and 17 sisters, the service team was overwhelmed for a record-breaking number of attendees since SFC Loreto Chapter was formed. The speaker, Bro. El Ramos, started with a getting to know activity as a mood-setter.  To introduce what CLP is, he said that it is a program that will change the participants’ lives for the better. It’s goal is to know God more and to find good friends. Friends who will not just be there in good times but more importantly, in bad times.

In summary, the talk consisted of 4 main points. God’s love creates, God’s love forgives, God’s love protects and God’s love gives hope. Because of these, we are able to do the things that we thought we cannot do before. Whenever we sin, we feel so dirty and unworthy but in the eyes of God, our value never decreases.

Then he said that God’s rejection is God’s redirection. He shared how he failed a medical exam and got rejected by a company. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise for he found the job that totally changed his life and improved his family’s financial status. He said, “Si God, kaya niyang ibigay lahat ng gusto mo, pero ang ibibigay nya lang ay yung makakabuti sa iyo”.

A sister from Loreto Chapter itself, Tin Salvanera, also shared how she experienced God’s love through her family. She narrated how blessed she was no matter what kind of difficulty her family have went through in the past. These bad moments only solidified their relationship as it made them closer to God and to each other. Then, the participants also shared their own experiences as they broke into smaller groups for the group discussion.

Everyone is looking forward for the next session on May 23, 2016, Monday. Same time, same place.  2016-05-19 23.25.41


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