CFC Singles for Christ  (SFC) is one of the family ministries of Couples for Christ (CFC). It  was founded to cater to the needs of single men and women from 21 to 40  years of age. “Single” refers to anyone within that age group who is  free from any legal impediments to marriage.  The pastoral care offered  by the ministry, though, is not limited to those who are called for  marriage, but includes as well those who may be considering either  single blessedness or religious vocation as a state of life.

CFC-SFC was established in April 1993, when a group of about 40 single  men and women, mostly from the Visayas Islands in the Philippines, met  for a 3-day workshop in Kalibo, Aklan to talk about forming a ministry  for single men and women under the leadership of CFC.

It initially aimed to provide a Christian support environment for single  men and women who want to follow Christ.  However, SFC has taken a more  pro-active stance with regard to providing that environment, by  making  sure that it brings Christ to wherever the singles are — the corporate  setting, campuses, government institutions, even in prison and  developing communities.  This is in alignment with CFC`s thrust of  rapid, massive and global evangelization.

SFC WestB2C Loreto is one chapter in the Big West Sector of  SFC Metro Manila. The membership is composed of single men and women coming from the community nearby Our Lady of Loreto Parish in Manila. The chapter is  consists of units under the leadership of its current chapter leaders Royce Rodillas and Ayhen Guevarra

CFC-Singles for Christ

Every  Single Men and Women all over the world experiencing Christ.
Singles for Christ is the next generation of Couples for Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to journey and witness with single men and women in their discovery and pursuit of vocations and the fullness of the mission towards building a Christ-centered society.
Building the Church of the Home. Building the Church of the Poor.

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