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Working for the Lord

“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few, so ask the Master of harvest to send out laborers for His harvest. – Mt 9:37-38”

To labor for the Lord is to live a life of service and self-sacrifice. It requires hard work and commitment. There are times that you will be opposed, questioned or even persecuted. Times like this, we must fix our eyes on the Master of harvest and take on the example of Jesus Christ. Despite accusations and indifference, he continues to fulfill the mission given to Him.

Therefore, do not be discouraged or disheartened when some people doesn’t believe, recognize or support our work. The work that we are doing is His, though we may not earn the recognition, approval and support of people around us, we will forever earn the favor of God.


Leadership is Obedience (from LoveCloud)

When I joined Youth for Christ (YFC) in 2003, I was introduced to a different face of leadership, authority and power. Being called to a higher service or position doesn’t necessarily equate to an authority and power above those inferiors, neither my leaders acts superior to me as well. It is where I learned how to be a Servant Leader – members’ welfare first before mine. In the gospel, Jesus was confronted by the elders, the chief priests and scribes regarding his authority. Sometimes, we are like this people, we tend to judge or question the authorities of the people who lead us; we check their background and even compare them to other leaders. On the other hand, we also experienced being judged and confronted whenever we are called to lead. On these instances, we can only trust the greater power of God and the Holy Spirit; we are to be merciful to those who doubt.

Choose Jesus

Jesus coming into this world is a manifestation of God’s love and fulfillment of God’s mission to save us. It is through him that we come to know what God is like and how He is as a Father. As a response, let us continue to fix our eyes on Jesus and allow him to take as out of darkness and isolation. Believing in Jesus also believes to the One who sent him to us. Let us continue following and listening to Him because he is our way to the father. By knowing and believing in Jesus, we are preparing ourselves to our destination – union with God and eternal life with Him.