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Discovering Christ CLP Baptism

img1468318490458During the Pentecost, the apostles experienced a strong wind before the Holy Spirit decent upon them. Likewise, SFC Loreto experienced the same last July 9, 2016 as they literally had to go through a storm just to push through with the highlight of the whole Christian Life Program – the Baptism.

More than 50 brave souls, 22 of which are the participants to be baptized, conquered not just the actual storm but the storm from within that hinders them from attending the said activity.

It is not an easy task. Most of us usually feel unworthy to receive any gift from God. But today, we are reminded that the grace of God does not require us to be great. What it really asks of us is to be humble. Humble enough to acknowledge our mistakes. Humble enough to repent for our sins. For SFC is not a community of Saints but a hospital for sinners.

The speaker, Bro. Raffy Pastrana, led a very powerful worship were everyone witnessed the real power of the Holy Spirit. During the exhortation, he said, “Ang ordinaryong microphone kapag ipinagamit mo kay Frank Sinatra, nagiging magical. Ang ordinaryong bola kapag ipinagamit mo kay Kobe Bryant, nagiging amazing. Ang ordinaryong buhay kapag ipinagamit mo sa Diyos, nagiging makapangyarihan!”

However, he warned that the Holy Spirit will not fix everything in our lives. He said, “kung nakabasag ka ng baso bago ka umalis ng bahay kanina, pagbalik mo, basag pa rin ‘yun.”

Yes, the power of the Holy Spirit will not settle all our problems, but it gives us the courage to face them and to do everything that we can to remedy the situation. To fix what we can and accept what we can’t. And most importantly, to keep moving forward.


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CLP Talk 1: God’s Love

The Christian Life Program of CFC Singles For Christ Loreto has officially begun this May 16, 2016. With 38 participants consisting of 21 brothers and 17 sisters, the service team was overwhelmed for a record-breaking number of attendees since SFC Loreto Chapter was formed. The speaker, Bro. El Ramos, started with a getting to know activity as a mood-setter.  To introduce what CLP is, he said that it is a program that will change the participants’ lives for the better. It’s goal is to know God more and to find good friends. Friends who will not just be there in good times but more importantly, in bad times.

In summary, the talk consisted of 4 main points. God’s love creates, God’s love forgives, God’s love protects and God’s love gives hope. Because of these, we are able to do the things that we thought we cannot do before. Whenever we sin, we feel so dirty and unworthy but in the eyes of God, our value never decreases.

Then he said that God’s rejection is God’s redirection. He shared how he failed a medical exam and got rejected by a company. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise for he found the job that totally changed his life and improved his family’s financial status. He said, “Si God, kaya niyang ibigay lahat ng gusto mo, pero ang ibibigay nya lang ay yung makakabuti sa iyo”.

A sister from Loreto Chapter itself, Tin Salvanera, also shared how she experienced God’s love through her family. She narrated how blessed she was no matter what kind of difficulty her family have went through in the past. These bad moments only solidified their relationship as it made them closer to God and to each other. Then, the participants also shared their own experiences as they broke into smaller groups for the group discussion.

Everyone is looking forward for the next session on May 23, 2016, Monday. Same time, same place.  2016-05-19 23.25.41

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SFC Loreto launches ‘Discovering Christ’ Christian Life Program


SFC Loreto officially opened the registration to the first Christian Life Program (CLP) this year entitled Discovering Christ, this Sunday afternoon, April 17 at the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto in Bustillos, Manila.

A total of 112 parishioners signed up on the first day of registration making the service team even more excited for the next few weeks to come.

Discovering Christ is open to all single men and women age 21-40. Session will be held every Monday, 7PM starting May 16 at the 4F Loreto Rectory Building.

The CLP is the entry point to join the CFC Singles for Christ community. It will run for 12 consecutive weeks under three modules. Each module is composed of four talks. Participants are expected to gain new friends, get new perspectives in life, and discover Christ in a whole new level. Registration is for free.

Interested participants can sign up online via this form.

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SFC Loreto supports ‘One Praise’


Worship has become an integral part of the service in SFC Loreto. Most of the activities start and end with a worship which are mostly taken from Glory and Liveloud. Now, looks like the community will no longer be limited to these Christian songs as One Praise just announced that songs from other Catholic-based communities will also be made available for SFCs and other ministries of Couples for Christ, and the rest of the Catholics.

Held at the Bellarmine Field, Ateneo De Manila University last April 16, Saturday, One Praise gathered five Catholic music ministries to share their songs in one praise and worship concert night for free. Present on that night were Elim Music Ministry, Where’s The Sheep?, Liveloud (of Couples for Christ), Light of Jesus Family Worship Music Ministry and Living Hope Catholic Charismatic Community.



SFC Loreto enjoyed worshiping and at the same time learning new songs from other communities. One Praise is the first worship concert that put together different music ministries from other Catholic communities. An album of the same title is now out in the market for public consumption.

One Praise is organized by Jesuit Music Ministry of Jesuit Communications. A yearly One Praise worship concert is seen to be rolled out as well.

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Here is a story of a family having a conversation about sin. The son was about to attend a retreat the next day so he decided to confess his sins to his parents first. That evening, they sat down in the living room and the boy told his parents about all his wrongdoings in the past. As he finished, he was crying and he asked, “Can you still love me?” His father laughed and said, “Of course we still love you”. At the back of his mind he is laughing hard because he finds it so funny that his son is crying thinking that his sins are too unforgiveable.

If this boy’s father is that willing to forgive his son from all his past sins, how much more is our Father in heaven? Sometimes we think that our sins are too unforgiveable that we find it hard to kneel down in prayer while God is just waiting for us with arms wide open.

“Go and sin no more” – John 8:11

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sfc loreto Bonding/Team Building

summer 2

Did you miss the fun in Laguna last year? The Boodle Fight Lunch? The videoke overload? The Toyomansi Show with Kitchen Utensils? Hahaha! Then here we go again Brothers and Sisters! This is another memorable event to happen!

We are inviting you to our Team Building/ Outing on June 27 – June 28 @ City HideAway Resort. Experience an overnight fun in the pool,. . the nature. . and the cool breeze of Antipolo!

Let us bond together and take this opportunity to mingle and to make new friends.

Please bring your swimwear, toiletries, eating utensils and big handkerchief.

See you on Saturday! For those who will take the First Trip, it’s 4pm. Second trip is 5pm. Contact Person is Bro. Jay de los Reyes. our meeting place is near loreto Church….

Registration fee:
Blessed – Php500.00
Very Blessed – Php600.00
Super Blessed – Php700.00

Don’t miss it! See you.

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